9.10. – 11.10.2020 – 21th Copa Pescadisco

It is with a heavy heart that we write to confirm the cancellation of this year’s edition of Copa Pescadisco.

The most important thing is that everyone stays healthy and minimizes the risk of infection for the Copa Family and the world.

Whilst we do not know what stage COVID-19 may be affecting the various parts of the world in October it does have an impact right now on the logistics of obtaining permits and other organisational requirements that need to be put in place ahead of the tournament.
At present the local authorities and amenities, understandably, have no idea when they can even begin to contemplate when they can update us of a timeline for most of these logistical issues.
Therefore, we are taking the only sensible precaution and cancelling the tournament with good notice so that you can make any other arrangements without waiting on announcements from us. It would simply be too much to work through at short notice with the ever present possibility of a last minute cancellation imposed on us by authorities.
We also want to minimise flights purchased before we announce this so that you don’t have a non-refundable flight burning a hole in your pocket.

All those who have already paid for the tournament will be contacted separately by Uschi. You will have a couple of options that should cater to everyone’s ideal resolution.

We wish you a safe 2020 and look forward to bringing the full tournament back next year as usual.

Keep the Spirits High (and flowing)

Uschi and the TD Team
Copa Pescadisco

Dear Frisbees,

thank you all to make happen this wounderful tournement each year. Always it is a big pleasure for me to organize this tournement for such lovely people. Yes, it is true in the first years it was not easy to handle your crazy people, but with the time it get every year easier.
I want tell you all, that you are very special people and everyone of you has a special place in my heart. To make this tournement was the best thing in my life. So people go ahead and come to visit Mallorca and have 3 o 4 days a big fun.

Hope to see you here.

Your Uschi