22th Copa Pescadisco
14.10. – 16.10. 2022
• • • • •
2nd „the little“ Copa Pescadisco
21.10. – 23.10.2022
• • • • •

Alcudia / Mallorca
one island – two tournaments

22th Copa Pescadisco 14.10. -16.10.2022

2nd Copa Pescadisco 21.10. – 23.10.2022 

52 Players confirmed for both Copa´s

Dear Frisbees,

thank you all to make happen this wounderful tournement each year. Always it is a big pleasure for us to organize this tournement for such lovely people. Yes, it is true in the first years it was not easy to handle your crazy people, but with the time it get every year easier.

I want tell you all, that you are very special people and everyone of you has a special place in my heart. To make this tournement was the best thing in my life. So people go ahead and come to visit Mallorca and have some days a big fun.

In 2021 we held two tournaments for the first time because the demand was so great. The response was enormous, therefore two tournaments again.

Hope to see you here.

Your Uschi & and the Orga-Team